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 It's Halloween night, and Karen decides to crash a party! But she discovers that the Halloween party she crashed is a costume party.. for monsters!? Should she run for her life, or find someone to enjoy the party with?

 This game is fairly short, with 7 different endings (some accessible in multiple ways), a small cast of characters, and simple art. This game has no gore, but does have small amounts of blood in some of the bad endings. It's intended for ages 16+, and has some very mild suggestive language.

This game is available in English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. The language toggle is on the Preferences menu. The Latin American Spanish translation was made by user dunkelheyt (https://twitter.com/dunkelheyt?lang=en) and the Brazilian Portuguese translation was made by Vignett (https://twitter.com/blkneko_j) - thank you so much!

I hope this game can help you get into the Halloween mood, and give you some amusement during this rough year!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(53 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Cute, Dating Sim, Halloween, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py, Short, Spooky, Spoopy
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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I love it xD I didn't expect Connor to be that, I was surprised xD I like the art, it's cute. I also enjoy the BGM.  Although it's short, it was enjoyable.

this is GREAT!!! I love this it was so cute! 10/10

This is a very nice game! I like the light-horror comedy theme and the art style is simple but cute. I got all 7 endings, I really enjoyed this game.

Nice game. It's funny how not a single one of endings is 100% good, now even the good ones. The best is like 95% good. 

Deleted 65 days ago

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I'm planning on making more games, and future ones will be longer! This was just a short holiday game~

I think I got all the endings! Very cute art and game :)

Thank you for playing! If you got 7 different end-cards then you got all the endings. I'm glad you liked it!

You got talent in making adorable (and sordid )stories and cute art! Should def make a longer game :)

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this game was rly cute! i didn't realize i didn't get all the endings, but i still enjoyed it. streamed it on https://www.twitch.tv/babygoblen, here is the past broadcast (played it during the second half) <3

OMG Thank you so much! Your stream was so cute, thank you for linking it! Also I want to mention that there's a 'skip' button at the bottom of the game's text windows, so you can skip through all of the beginning dialogue! That makes it faster to play multiple times for the other endings. If you wanna try to get some of the other endings some time, just decide to leave the party at the menu where you had previously picked the 'Stay! Live a little! YOLO!' option. Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

no problem i really enjoyed the game! and ahhh i see i did not realize that, thanks for letting me know!

this game is super cute! i got all the endings, and it was super enjoyable! thank you for this!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad I could give you some joy <3

Deleted 173 days ago

Uh oh! What's stopping you from downloading it? Are you getting an error message?

Deleted 173 days ago

Okay, I did a search on this issue; sadly there doesn't seem to be a definite fix, however this Itch thread (https://itch.io/t/960781/cannot-read-property-build-of-undefined) seems to imply that it may be an issue with the itch desktop app, so if you were using the desktop app try going to https://marinya.itch.io/halloween-party and trying to download it from the website.

Also in the bottom on this Itch thread (https://itch.io/t/960739/cannot-read-property-build-of-undefined-issue), someone says they managed to bypass it just by clicking install a bunch of times, so maybe try that too! 

So cute! <33

Thank you for playing <3

I really enjoyed the game.

It was cute and silly while also having some suspense and a few horrifying bad endings. This mix of emotions was kind of refreshing. Would play games with a similar tone.

One small thing I'm missing is a persistent gallery to see if I have found all the endings.

There are 7 endings (each with their own end card), so if you got 7 you got them all! This was my very first attempt at a game, so a gallery was a bit above my skill level, but I will 100% add one in future projects. I'm really happy that you enjoyed the game! Thank you for playing

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This is very impressive for a first game. Good branching and story. Sprites pop from the background properly, etc.

I just mentioned the gallery as a worthwhile exercise, if you ever want to do an update.

I got all the endings, it was a quite short but enjoyable game, the designs are really cute <3

Btw, if you are interested in getting your game translated into Latin America's Spanish, please, let me know :)

I'm glad you liked the game, and thank you for saying the designs are cute! I'd like to have this game be available in more languages, but I'd have to figure out how to do that first ><; I'll need to think about it more, but drop me an email at marinyarabbit@gmail.com and we can discuss it!

Hello, sent you one!

Hey! Is the host an option? XD

I did get all 7 endings

No, the host is just a side-character! I figured he was much older than the rest of the cast, so didn't give him any endings. Congrats on getting all 7 endings! Thank you for playing my game <3

Hello, I have noticed that there was a spelling mistake.

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This error has been fixed! Thank you for alerting me~

I like it. The art are nice. The choice of music is good for the theme of the game, light horror-comedy. The story and the branches are also interesting. Feels like the first Purrfect Apawcalypse, a visual novel developed by 90% Studios. Personally, think that you could make a sequel of this visual novel, and if you do you can use Purrfect Apawcalypse as a reference to make it as it has a nice trilogy.

I'm actually a big fan of Purrfect Apawcalypse (it's on my recommended games list on my profile here), and that game inspired me to make my own game! I don't think I'll make any sequels, but I suppose it's possible I'll update this game in the future to suit some constructive criticism I've received. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for making a let's play!

You are? No wonder it looks so similar to the first one. You made a good game, congratulations.


I'm happy you enjoyed it!! And thank you for the rating <3

I loved this- it was fun and cute! I really liked all the endings!

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Make sure you got all 7 endings, some people miss the "flower" ending <3

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I did get the flower ending! Got to say one of my favorite endings! The little comments at the end screens are great and gave me a good laugh!

Looks nice, I'm going to check it out!

I hope you enjoy it!

Cool game. You use the same clip brush as I do and that's awesome. Also, good game too. It's cute. 

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game! I'm surprised that you recognized the brush! It gave a very nice look for the style I was going for.

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This was really cute and a ton of fun! The art style is colorful and adorable! All the characters were interesting. There was good writing and a very good sense of humor as well! I loved all the different endings you could get as well. Overall it was a great experience and I loved it!

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. I recommend playing the game yourself before watching the video! Keep up the great work! 

Thank you! I was hoping someone would make a let's play, but I had figured it probably wouldn't happen. I'm thrilled that the first comment is a let's play! Thank you so much for making one, I greatly enjoyed watching you play it, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!